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Jul 14, 2005

What's that, you ask? You want more inane pictures of my Australia trip from 2004?

Why, I can help you.

Remember the scene in the original Matrix when Morpheus and Neo are in "the Construct"? They're at a fountain, with people walking by, bumping into Neo. Here's a picture to jog your memory:

Yes, I stole that picture off the Internets, as I don't have any illegal frame-grabbing software for my DVDs. And no, I'm not sure why those people have their heads circled, nor is it important to this story, though no doubt I'll get comments on it.

So anyway, in the next moment, a blonde in a red dress walks by, distracting Neo:

Ah, now you remember.

Well, that fountain, called the Martin's Place Fountain, is in Sydney, Australia. I visited there on my first day of the trip. Little did I know people would be shooting at me, and I would have to dodge bullets a la the Matrix:

That should fulfill your silliness quotient of the day.

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