Nerd science series MythBusters is getting a reboot, and you could be on it

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Apr 1, 2016, 5:54 PM EDT

Last month, the beloved science series MythBusters ignited its last explosion and hung up its welding mask for the last time after 14 seasons on the Discovery Channel. If you're a science nerd, a pop culture junkie or just someone who really loved blowing stuff up, then there's a good chance you loved it and you were sad to see hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman move on to other things.

Well, Adam and Jamie might be done, but apparently, MythBusters isn't.

The Science Channel, one of Discovery's sister networks, announced yesterday that they're planning to revive the series some time in the future with new hosts, and to find those hosts, they're launching Search for the Next MythBusters, a reality competition series that will pit a series of contestants against each other to see who has what it takes to take over the show.

"When I got to the network, and we clearly identified MythBusters as a franchise and something that was important to Science Channel and Discovery, and it was such a beloved show, I didn't want to let it go," Science Channel head Marc Etkind said. "So, we looked really closely at what would be the best way to keep it going and invigorate it and thought, 'Let's host a worldwide search for the next MythBusters.'"

The series will consist of 15 contestants competing before a panel of judges that just might include some past MythBusters. Details on how to enter the casting process are available on the Science Channel's website, and the competition could result in one host or several, depending on how things go. Etkind also said the Science Channel is open to a revised format for the series, depending on what the new host or hosts bring to the table.

 "It's a long-running goal for Science Channel to have MythBusters on the air," he said.

So, if you've always dreamed of being a MythBuster, now just might be your chance.

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