'Nervous' Sherlock producer pleads with fans not to post set pics

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:41 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s become commonplace for hardcore TV fans to follow shooting schedules in an effort to meet their favorite stars and get a sneak peek at upcoming episodes, but a producer for the BBC’s Sherlock really wishes they’d stop. Please.

The second season ended with a shocking, mysterious cliffhanger that fans are clamoring to see resolved in the third season. With the production crew preparing to trek around London to shoot the third season, producer Sue Verte has reached out to all those spoiler-seeking fans and asked them to take it easy, for fear they’ll ruin some of those juicy twists (and clog up traffic while they're trying to shoot).

Here’s her open letter, which was sent to the fan site Sherlockology:

“Hi, Sue Vertue here.

As many of you are aware, we’ll soon be embarking on our first London leg of filming for series 3. I’m also aware that there is quite a lot of speculation about where we’re shooting when. I can’t stress how  much we the Producers and Benedict [Cumberbatch], Martin [Freeman]and the rest of the cast appreciate your love and dedication to our show – we’ll endeavour to live up to your expectations for Series 3.

What I am nervous about is that our London shooting schedule is punishing and will really give us very little time to interact with you. The actors really hope you understand that.

Also, and I know this is probably asking a lot, the majority of fans and indeed ourselves would REALLY appreciate it if you didn’t post pictures or spoilers or ideally our daily locations.

Thanks for your understanding.  Sue x”

Of course, her plea will probably fall on deaf ears, because all those Sherlock fans will still want a sneak peek and a hint at what’s to come. But you can’t blame her for trying.

Where do you fall on spoiler pics? Is it a good teaser, or can it ruin a story when seen out of context?

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