Nervous scientists will run tests to see if we live in The Matrix

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Should you swallow the red pill or the blue pill? You may want to wait for the results of a crazy series of university tests trying to detect our world's reality. Hack in and free your mind.

Crackpot idea or stroke of pure genius? In what hopefully amounts to a colossal waste of time and electricity, a concerned gang of University of Washington scientists are hard at work to determine whether that morsel of juicy and delicious steak in your mouth is real or not. Godspeed to their quest and discovering whether the Matrix is truth or science fiction.

Here's a rundown of the freaky program by

Currently, computer simulations are decades away from creating even a primitive working model of the universe. In fact, scientists are able to accurately model only a 100 trillionth of a meter, with work to create a model of a full human being still out of reach.

By looking for underlying patterns, physicists believe that it may be possible to work out if we are existing in a computer created universe, created many years in the future. Looking at constraints imposed on simulations by limited resources could show signs that we are mere bit-part players in a Matrix-style film plot.

It will take many years to reach the computational power to give a real glimpse of whether we are living in a simulation, the scientists contend, but even by looking at the tiny portion of the universe that we can currently accurately model, it may be possible to detect 'signatures' of constraints on physical processes that could point to a simulation.

Well, no doubt lots of us would love to remain blissfully unaware that our daily lives are controlled by some malevolent futuristic supercomputer. But if you could get an answer, would you be like Neo and tumble down the rabbit hole?

Whoa ... didn't I just see that black cat go by?

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