Netflix 2017 in review: Are you the one who watched Pirates 365 days in a row?

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Dec 11, 2017

Believe us — we’re not ones to judge when it comes to binge watching. But Netflix’s year-ending roundup of its viewers’ habits — both individually and as a group — has us wondering just what makes some people tick.

It looks like the folks at Netflix are kind of wondering the same thing. Ahead of its annual rollout of some of the year’s most fun and offbeat viewership statistics, the streaming service let its Twitter followers in on just one of the thousands of little telltale quirks we all unthinkingly reveal about ourselves, over time, as we establish a viewing history — in some cases, it turns out, a pretty strange viewing history.

In addition to the standard top-ten most-watched shows, Netflix’s end-of-year list is filled with fun little facts — including the one about the subscriber who watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl every day… for 365 days in a row. Or the U.K. viewer who — and we promise we aren’t making this up — watched Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie a honey-drunk 357 times.

When it comes to group bingeing, sci-fi captivates Netflix’s audience: Stranger Things (predictably) topped the family viewing charts, followed further down the top ten list by A Series of Unfortunate Events and Star Trek Discovery.



As you can tell from the graphic, we're seeing plenty of confirmation that genre shows remain hot, hot, hot. In the global report of its top ten “most devoured” programs — shows that consumed more than two hours’ worth of viewing time in a day — Netflix included dystopian thriller 3%, along with Riverdale, Travelers, and The OA.

Mexico had the most devoted viewership worldwide, with “the most members to watch Netflix every single day,” according to the report. But binge-watching can be a solo indulgence just as much as a group pleasure, too. Someone in the far-flung solitude of Antarctica (a penguin, jokes Netflix) binge-watched all of Shameless, from start to finish.

Overall, Netflix reports that subscribers watched a combined 140 million hours of content per day — “a little more than one billion hours per week in case you were wondering” — and that the most heavily viewed day in all of 2017 came right at the start: January 1.

We could ask you to talk about your favorite binge indulgence in the comments. But after seeing some of the quirkier stats Netflix has offered up, what we really wanna know is, what’s the weirdest way you’ve used the service? It’s okay… we promise we won’t judge.

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