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Netflix announces Mark Millar comic Sharkey the Bounty Hunter with teaser

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Nov 27, 2018, 12:14 PM EST

Netflix must be finding some metric of success in its side gig pushing comics, because its Mark Millar-run subsidiary Millarworld just announced another original property to add to the streaming service’s IP catalog. After The Magic Order and Prodigy broke ground in Netflix’s comic business, Millar has created Sharkey the Bounty Hunter, which he’ll write with art from Marvel mainstay Simone Bianchi.

Hopping genres with each announced release, Millar is bringing the new comic — one that was already being developed as a movie from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World adapter Michael Bacall — to a scrappy sci-fi world where kids can be bounty hunters and those seeking to bring criminals to justice (for pay, of course) can operate out of a modified ice-cream truck.

The teaser describes the locale — Tefi-8 — as...well, less than ideal. We get a few lines of dialogue, some sketches, and the first cover.

Check it out:

Looks just as worn-down as any good bounty hunter romp should be. It all feels very Firefly, with everything falling apart and plenty of good-natured losers to go around. And it’s just the beginning. “When I joined Netflix on staff last year we had this crazy plan of a big sci-fi universe of movies and Sharkey is the first of these,” said Millar in a release. “The Magic Order is our fantasy/ horror franchise, Prodigy is our big adventure movies and Sharkey kicks off a whole world of sci-fi that’s just a great action comedy in the style of all the movies I grew up with.”

“I love blue-collar heroes and I like the parent/kid dynamic from movies like Paper Moon or Leon The Professional and, of course, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl,” the writer said. “This is all the things Star Wars or Marvel can’t get away with. We start where they kinda draw the line.” With those grimey, imperfect touchstones modifying the lucrative worlds of Disney’s heavy-hitting franchises, Sharkey is dreaming big. But will it be more Star Wars? Or Jupiter Ascending?

Fans can see for themselves when Sharkey the Bounty Hunter hits shelves and online comic retailers on Feb. 20th, 2019.