Netflix cancels The Punisher screening event in Paris after Las Vegas tragedy

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Oct 5, 2017, 12:12 PM EDT

This weekend was supposed to be the big rollout for The Punisher, Netflix's next big Marvel series based on the vengeance-themed character of the same name. We've seen trailers for the series already, but the release date for the streamer has been redacted in them, leading to speculation that New York Comic Con would be the place where Marvel finally revealed more details.

That's all changed in the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, in which 59 people lost their lives and more than 500 were injured. Given that The Punisher's modus operandi is shooting criminals with lots of really big guns, and the series is therefore bound to be packed with gun violence, Marvel and Netflix are rethinking their plans. Yesterday Marvel announced that a Saturday NYCC panel spotlighting the show would be pulled in light of the tragedy, and now Netflix is canceling a similar event, also planned for Saturday, in Paris, Variety reports.

The streaming company announced Thursday that an event originally set to be held at the historic Cirque d'Hiver monument, celebrating The Punisher's release, will no longer happen. The event was to be titled "Nuit Noire" (French for "Black Night"), and would have featured a simulcast of the NYCC panel as well as the premiere of the first two episodes of the series. In a statement, Netflix said it "decided it wouldn’t be appropriate" to go ahead with the event after the Las Vegas shooting.

It's still not clear how the rollout for The Punisher will go forward at this point, or whether the planned premiere date will be changed. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.