Walking Dead and Stranger Things watchers are more likely to 'cheat' on their partners

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Apr 28, 2017, 2:33 PM EDT (Updated)

Here's a post-Valentine's Day thought for you: According to research, more than half of all Netflix viewers cheat on their partners … but not in the way that you think.

They don't cheat romantically. They cheat digitally.

Viewers tend to watch must-watch television with their partners. But when you're not looking, they can sneak off without you. As Netflix reveals in its survey, 46% of streaming viewers cheat.

According to Netflix, this duplicity is on the rise.

… Netflix cheating was first uncovered in a study in the U.S. in 2013. Four years later, cheating has increased three times and has become a common behavior around the world. This behavior only continues to grow with 60% of consumers saying they'd cheat more if they knew they'd get away with it. And once you cheat, you can't stop: 81% of cheaters are repeat offenders and 44% have cheated 3+ times.

However, the most popular show to cheat on your partner with is the attention-grabbing horror, The Walking Dead. Other shows that incite faithlessness include two other horrors: American Horror Story and Stranger Things. But dramas are also prone to this digital infidelity, as Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Narcos and Orange Is the New Black were cited as triggers of Netflix betrayal.

If knowing your partner has skipped ahead in The Walking Dead galls you down to your gall bladder, you may want to consider a European romance: 73% of Netherlanders, 65% of Germans and 60% of Poles are the most "loyal" to their viewing partners. Those who want to share the agony of [poignant major character here]'s death with their loved one should know the biggest cheaters come south of the U.S. border. 64% of Brazilian and 65% of Mexican Netflixers cheat on their partners. (Either that, or they're more likely to admit it than Netflixers of other countries.)

I cheated on my husband, once. I felt so horrible that I had to confess within a few hours. It turns out that infidelity sucks, even if it's cheating with a television show. Who knew Netflix would be an analogy for life?

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? What happened to the relationship? Let us know in the comments.

(via USAToday)