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Stranger Things, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead make Netflix's list of top 10 first binges

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Feb 9, 2018, 7:03 PM EST (Updated)

With Valentine's Day almost here, Netflix is in a festive mood with a new study that determines how long it takes for the average subscriber to engage in their first-ever series binge. Because the streaming service is usually so cheeky on social media, it likened the accomplishment to a person's first sexual experience. 

"Most people wait until the third date, but globally it only takes two weeks (well, 12 days to be exact) for the majority of Netflix members to go all the way. No, not Netflix and chill. We’re talking about your first time bingeing on Netflix," wrote the company in a press release. 

Surprisingly, a debut binge, so to speak, only lasts an average of three days, with over 90 percent of Netflix users having engaged in one. In addition, 35 percent of them have rewatched their first binge. So, despite a price increase, people are still totally invested in the service. 

The results weren't all Netflix originals. Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story made the list of "Top 10 First Binge Shows." Check out the fun little infographic below for the entire list:



According to Netflix, the company defined a "binge" as finishing a show within seven days of starting. The study focused on subscribers who joined within the last five years. Kid/family content and shows with less than five episodes were excluded.

Are you a binge virgin or an accomplished veteran of the binge world? What was the first show you decided was worthy enough to go all the way with? 

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