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Netflix hoping Troy: Fall of a City trailer will give you those Game of Thrones feelings

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Mar 23, 2018, 9:35 PM EDT

Netflix is bringing an epic series to its streaming library, and it might be just the thing that will tide us all over until the return of Game of Thrones. Then again, it might not.

Titled Troy: Fall of a City, the new series is a co-production with BBC One and has already been seen (and lauded) overseas. The official description from Netflix reads, "an epic story of love and war, intrigue and betrayal. When Helen (Bella Dayne) and Paris (Louis Hunter) fall in love, they trigger a chain of events that threatens their families and the city of Troy."

It sounds like the series will have all of the intrigue of Game of Thrones, with an added "sword and sandals" flair (and a subtracted fantasy element).

Based on the age-old myths of the Trojan Wars, the series will star the aforementioned Dayne and Hunter as Helen and Paris, as well as Jonas Armstrong (the BBC Robin Hood series) as Menelaus and Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter series) as Aeneas. Game of Thrones will be represented by Joseph Mawle (Benjen Stark), who is playing Odysseus.

Netflix will release all eight episodes of the first season on April 6. Take a look at the trailer above and decide whether you feel like getting in on the action! If you don't, there's always The Last Kingdom.