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Netflix isn’t chilling anyone’s adventures at the theater, study shows

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Dec 17, 2018

Apparently binging on Netflix can make you even hungrier for good, old-fashioned movie tickets. For all the fretful headlines that portray the streaming giant as a big, bad threat to traditional movies, perhaps there are stranger things than discovering that — contrary to all the chatter — streaming video in general isn’t making the slightest dent in the theatrical box office after all.

A new study from Ernst & Young finds that the Netflix phenomenon, if anything, is a rising tide that’s lifting screen entertainment both in the living room and at the cineplex. Via Variety, the report reveals the very people who make frequent trips to the theater are also the same ones streaming tons of video when they’re at home. 

Working from data collected from 2,500 respondents, surveyors found that those who bought a movie ticket at least nine times over the past year also “consumed more streaming content than consumers who visited a movie theater only once or twice over the past year,” according to the report. That group reported spending an average of 11 hours streaming their entertainment at home each week — compared to 7 hours of at-home streaming by those who said they’d seen no more than two theater movies over the past year.

In other words, people who voraciously stream video at home generally carry that same appetite over to the moviegoing side of things as well, scratching their horror itch with Haunting of Hill House marathons in the living room, but setting aside plenty of nights out at the theater for Halloween or The Nun.

If any piece of the entertainment pie is getting smaller thanks to Netflix and its streaming peers, it isn’t the big screen. Rather, the report notes, it may be conventional cable subscriptions, which continue to shrivel as cord cutters outsource their entertainment via a smorgasbord of a la carte options that fit their budgets and preferences.

“It’s siphoning off viewers from broadcast television and cable,” Phil Contrino, director of media and research for the National Association of Theater Owners (which commissioned the study) explained, per the report. “That’s where it’s being disruptive.”

Do these findings fall in line with your own habits? Do your Chilling Adventures of Sabrina binges take a bite out of your theater time, or complement it instead? Let us know in the comments.

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