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WIRE Buzz: Netflix dashes Defenders hopes; Godzilla negotiates with humanity; more

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Apr 25, 2019, 10:30 PM EDT

In the wake of Netflix's abrupt cancellation of all its MCU shows, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones, fans began hoping that the characters would live on with Disney+. And that may very well happen; it just won't be anytime soon.

According to a report from IndieWire, an unnamed Disney production executive revealed that Netflix lawyers have been sternly reminding the House of Mouse that all of its former Marvel characters are off the table for at least two years. While this was first reported back in December, it turns out that Disney can't even plan to do anything with these characters during that time.

For example, with Daredevil getting the ax in November of 2018, it'll be November 2020 before Disney can begin to kick around its options for introducing him to the MCU. Which means it will be even longer before the Man Without Fear actually appears on screen again — big or small. That means it will be even longer before Jessica Jones reappears, as that show's third season hasn't even premiered yet.

Given that substantial gap in time, it seems less likely that Disney would want to continue with these same actors and storylines. Also, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has said that the new crop of shows being developed for Disney+ will have a profound impact on the MCU, whereas the Netflix shows were set in the same universe, but didn't really share any overlapping narrative.

Next up, Godzilla negotiates for the fate of humanity in a new image from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Released earlier today by Entertainment Weekly, the image shows the world's most famous kaiju talking with a human standing on the deck of a submarine.

As the humans face possible extinction thanks to Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, they believe their only hope lies with Godzilla, who's not exactly known for playing well with others. Especially the others whose cities he routinely destroys.

"The whole story ponders whether or not humans and Godzilla could potentially co-exist together, or even possibly form an alliance," says the film's director and co-writer, Michael Dougherty, about the image. "This particular moment answers that question."

You can find out exactly what he means when Godzilla: King of the Monsters storms into theaters on May 31.

Finally, a Roswell, New Mexico actress is getting a promotion. Amber Midthunder, who plays the recurring character of Rosa Ortecho, has been bumped up to series regular, per a report from Deadline.

Rosa is the sister of Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason), Roswell, New Mexico's main character. After reluctantly returning to her tourist-trap hometown, she reconnects with her teenage crush Max Evans (Nathan Dean Parsons), only to learn that Max is an alien who has kept his, and his family's, unearthly abilities hidden his entire life.

The series premiered on The CW back in January and was just given a second season earlier this week.