Netflix's Mystery Science 3000 revival gets its first trailer

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Apr 26, 2017, 4:49 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s a good time to be alive if you’re a fan of cheesy horror movies and snarky commentary. That’s because you’re going to get an earful of it when Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes to Netflix. We have the first trailer for you, below.

Netflix’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the continuation of Joel Hodgson’s 1990s series, which showed some of the worst movies combined with some of the best come-backs. These come-backs came courtesy of a janitor, trapped and forced to watch bad films, and his two sarcastic robot pals.

For example, in one film, a character says, “Did you know flying a plane is like making love?” Crow T. Robot responds to that comment with “Uh, do you have to pay?”

After the series ended on television, the cast and crew repeated their commentary-based format on the DVD series The Film Crew, live screenings with Cinematic Titanic, and audio tracks on Rifftrax. The new MST3K sticks with the show’s original “televised” format—even if it’s not on television.

If you haven’t seen MST3K before, Netflix is streaming some older episodes now. So, you'll have time to familiarize yourself with the format by the time the show airs on April 14.

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