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Netflix negotiating for Pottersville film, aka It's a Wonderful Life meets Michael Shannon as Sasquatch

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May 23, 2017, 9:37 AM EDT (Updated)

When pitching creative projects, it's customary to reference a mash-up of other well-known titles, which will hopefully elicit some sort of visualization in the pitchee's mind. Well, try this one on for size: It’s a Wonderful Life meets Sasquatch, aka Pottersville.

Still not biting? Okay, how 'bout if we attach stars Michael Shannon (Batman v Superman, Midnight Special) and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), along with co-stars Judy Greer, Ron Perlman, Tom Lennon and Ian McShane? Oh, now we've got your attention.

How can you not be intrigued by that grouping, right? Well, Netflix's curiosity is obviously piqued, as the streaming service is deep into talks about picking up the Cannes indie dramedy for global streaming. According to The Wrap, the Daniel Meyer-penned/Seth Henrikson-directed film:

"...follows a local business man (Shannon) who is mistaken for the mythical creature Bigfoot after a wild night of drinking, tossing on a gorilla costume and staggering through the woods makes him an internet sensation. The event sparks international media attention and reinvigorates a small town’s economy, as the business man grapples with revealing the truth."

So perhaps not as much of a Sasquatch monster movie as we might have hoped for, but certainly the first Bigfoot film I've heard of that references a Jimmy Stewart/Frank Capra flick.

The Wrap's insider source is confident that a deal between Netflix and sales agent Gersh will close this week, though no domestic theatrical partner is currently known.

What do you think, do It's a Wonderful Life and Sasquatch belong together?