Netflix officially shuts down any hope of a Sense8 revival

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Jun 9, 2017, 3:06 PM EDT

Fans have been rallying around a “Save Our Show” campaign ever since Netflix pulled the plug on the ambitious sci-fi series Sense8, but it seems like the odds just went from slim to none.

After being inundated with social media posts and petitions, the service has put out a statement essentially saying that all that effort is for nothing. The show’s not coming back, and there’s no fan campaign that could change the streaming service’s mind. The choice line: “The reason we've taken so long to get back to you is because we've thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t.”

The reason? The studio doesn’t go into it, but co-star Brian J. Smith wrote in a missive to fans that the reason he was given was a simple one: viewership. Or, more specifically, not enough of it. Here’s an excerpt from his statement:

“I know that a lot of very smart people had to reach a consensus in order to pull the plug on a show that they had already invested an insane amount of capital in, even if that meant the story would never get an ending. I think the saddest part of finishing a show this way is knowing that future audiences will never pick up a story they know has no resolution. It's seems like such a waste.”

The decision jibes with some recent comments from Netflix that the streaming service plans to cancel more series moving forward, in the sense that it’ll be taking more chances on shows that could potentially fail. Which is a good thing! In a sense. But it means fan favorites like Sense8 could suffer the consequences and never get a proper ending. Which is a shame. The show was big, sweeping and really trying to tackle a story unlike pretty much anything else on TV.

It will certainly be missed.