Netflix orders White Rabbit Project from Mythbusters alums

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Sep 9, 2016, 4:32 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s hard to believe MythBusters ran for a mind-boggling 15 seasons, but with the show officially over, Netflix has decided to tap some of the creative team for a spiritual sequel.

The streaming service has picked up White Rabbit Project, starring MythBusters alums Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara. The series is produced by Beyond Productions, the same studio behind MythBusters. Not surprisingly, the series will pretty much pick up where MythBusters left off. The original MythBusters ran from 2003 until 2016, racking up eight Emmy nominations on the way.

According to Deadline, the trio will use their particular set of science skills to go “down the rabbit hole” (get it?) to investigate questions stemming from science, history and pop culture. They’ll focus on a variety of topics, including superpower tech, World War II weapons, legendary jailbreaks, etc. Basically a lot of the same stuff MythBusters tackled, just seemingly with a wider mandate to get weird.

This series is an interesting pickup for the streaming service, following Bill Nye Saves the World, and will see the network tapping into a good bit of reality TV geek nostalgia.

White Rabbit Project is set to premiere globally on Dec. 9.


(Via Deadline)