Netflix to produce new episodes of acclaimed UK series Black Mirror

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Sep 11, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the best speculative fiction TV shows to come out of England in recent times is getting a new lease on life from Netflix.

According to the Radio Times (via Birth.Movies.Death), the streaming network will produce a series of new episodes of Black Mirror, the dystopian, and often quite eerie, anthology created by Charlie Brooker. 

If you haven't heard of Black Mirror before, you should head over to Netflix now and view the existing seven episodes, which encompass two seasons and an extended holiday special (yes, the seasons are just three episodes each; that way you never get sick of them). Each segment features an entirely different cast, setting and plot, with each story focusing on the effects of either modern or near-future technology on humanity -- usually with a shocking, Twilight Zone-like twist.

It's dark, atmospheric, bracing and intelligent, and is apparently popular enough with Netflix viewers that the executives there want more.

Brooker is reportedly working on new scripts now, although a timetable for the new season's production and premiere has yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, go watch episodes like "The National Anthem," "The Entire History of You" or "White Christmas" for chilling glimpses of technology-warped life 10 minutes from now. You'll immediately be wanting more yourself.