Train to Busan's director goes on a new mind trip with trailer for new movie Psychokinesis

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Dec 13, 2017, 5:13 PM EST

Just about everyone who saw it loved Train to Busan — an on-rails zombie apocalypse thriller from acclaimed South Korean animator-turned-director Yeon Sang-ho (The King of Pigs, The Fake).

Now Yeon Sang-ho is back for another directing turn, and this time his sandbox isn’t zombie trains — it’s telekinetic superpowers, with a decidedly more human touch. Oh, and it’s coming to Netflix next year.

A fresh international trailer has appeared for Psychokinesis, Yeon’s next project, and even without the benefit of English subtitles, it looks and feels killer. An effects-heavy film that follows a regular guy as he discovers, and then harnesses, the ability to manipulate matter with his mind, Psychokinesis will reportedly take a more lighthearted tone than Yeon’s previous outing.

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Psychokinesis looks like one of those films that gets its effects right. While it’s hard to tell much more than that from a single trailer, there’s enough here to make us hope that — just as he did in Train to Busan — Yeon uncorks his knack for deploying effects in the service of the human story at the film’s center.

The movie brings back several South Korean A-list actors who’ve previously worked with Yeon on both his animated and live-action projects: Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, and Jung Yu-mi.

At the South Korean box office, Train to Busan drew more than 10 million people (a record) and took in $87.5 million. Yeon followed Train to Busan with Seoul Station, a well-received animated prequel. Psychokinesis appears to show Yeon Sang-ho in command of more studio resources, a bigger budget, and more ideas, so we’re pretty stoked to see it land.

Netflix hasn't announced exactly when Psychokinesis will debut, so for now we’ll have to make do with the knowledge that it’ll be sometime in 2018. We’ll be on the lookout for a firm release date, though, so stay tuned.