Netflix pulls trigger on brand new second season of The Punisher

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Dec 12, 2017

Less than a month after the debut of its first season on Netflix, Marvel's The Punisher is coming back for more. In keeping with Netflix's strong track record of re-upping its original shows, the streaming service has just announced Frank Castle and company will return for a second season.

Netflix kept things simple and mysterious, blasting out a brief, footage-free teaser to its social media platforms that shows The Punisher’s iconic skull logo melting into the number “2.” No release date has been announced, but the gritty and violent reboot will continue to be helmed by showrunner Steve Lightfoot.

While the end of Season 1 did a pretty nice job of bringing to a close the story arc begun in the series’ debut, it also cleared the canvas for whatever might come next. Lightfoot’s already confessed to being intrigued by some of the possibilities, including bringing back some of the older comic books’ villains.

Everything’s still fair game for a fresh interpretation for the second season, but expecting Frank Castle and Billy Russo to go head to head is probably a safe bet. According to Lightfoot, setting up a long-term antagonism between the pair was one of the first season’s biggest goals, so count on new installments that focus on Russo’s transformation into Jigsaw.

For series newcomers, the underlying lore from the comics has been preserved for the Netflix reboot. After taking his revenge on the people behind the murder of his wife and children, Castle (Jon Bernthal) begins to discover the criminal world he’s set out to infiltrate runs a whole lot deeper than he ever could have imagined.

Check out our take on how the first season turned out here (hint: we liked it a lot, so we’re pretty stoked about Netflix giving the order for more.)

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