Netflix responds to fans who find the Lost in Space robot hot: ‘Y’all need Jesus’

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May 3, 2018, 12:45 PM EDT

They say there's no accounting for taste! And it seems that streaming giant Netflix has grown a little concerned as their viewers have started crushing on an artificial specimen in their new Lost In Space reboot.

Over the past week, fans of the show have been taking to Twitter to comment how the robot character in the series has been pushing all their buttons. One fan got straight to the point by tweeting: "There's literally NO REASON the lost in space robot should have a butt that nice. this was intentional." 

To be fair, while the robot doesn't have anything on those AI stunners over at Westworld we will say it certainly has an impressively built physique with a sleek design. Still, Netflix is having none of it, and made their feelings known by pouring cold water over the heated discussion on the Internet. "When Lost In Space premiered we were prepared for a big reaction. What we weren’t prepared for was this…," the streaming service began in a humorous tweet, posting some of the messages from fans. "Ya'll need Jesus," their messaged added.

Hang on a second though, Netflix. Is it just us or are robots and monsters in genre getting a whole lot sexier lately? We've already mentioned the delectable Delos hosts, and as we found out last year, director Guillermo del Toro “kept pushing for sexy” when he directed Doug Jones as the hunky fish monster in the Oscar-winning The Shape of Water.

Hell, even Pennywise managed to make some movie fans swoon thanks to the good looks of actor Bill Skarsgård in last year’s It.

We're going to throw this out there too with no judgement whatsoever: some people have also been lusting after Thanos from Avengers: Infinifty War (corrugated chin and all.) So intentional or not, it would appear that Netflix is very on-trend with their mechanical pin-up in the midst of all this love from genre fans. 

Do you think the robot in Lost in Space is hot? Yes, we did just ask you that. Let us know your thoughts (keep 'em clean) in the comment section below. 

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