Reversing course, Netflix revives Sense8 for 2-hour series finale

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Jun 29, 2017, 4:21 PM EDT

Hey Sense8 fans, you did it! Yes, fans who made pleas, petitions, and requests to Netflix have been successful. Netflix has let the Sense8 crew come back together for one last two-hour movie-length episode to close out the series. Netflix had originally said there was no hope of the series returning in any way, but has finally changed their minds.

In a letter to fans posted on Twitter, series co-creator Lana Wachowski wrote of her excitement for the chance to finish their story, in a more satisfying way than the cliffhanger that season two wrapped with.

“I have been meaning to write this letter for some time,” Wachowski wrote. “The outpouring of love and grief that came in the wake of the news that Sense8 would not be continuing was so intense that I often found myself unable to open my own email. I confess I fell into a fairly serious depression.”

After expressing her sadness of not being able to continue the show – and of the fans’ sadness that affected her so directly, she got to the good news.

“The passionate letters, the petitions, the collective voice that rose up like the fist of Sun to fight for this show was beyond what everyone was expecting,” she continued. “Your love has brought Sense8 back to life. I could kiss every single one of you! It is my great pleasure as well as Netflix’s to announce that there will be another two hour special released next year. After that… if this experience has taught me anything, you NEVER know.”

So we’ll see more Sense8 next year, a special that will conclude the story, but, it sounds, will also keep it at least a little bit open for the future. Just in case.

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