Netflix reviving 1980s kids classics Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse

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Feb 25, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Though critical hits like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black get most of the attention, Netflix has also been cranking up its slate of original children’s programming in recent years — and now they’re looking to mine some 1980s classics.

The streaming company is working up revivals of Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse, both of which were staples of kids' programming in the 1980s. Both shows were huge for a while but have mostly faded into obscurity in recent years — though they bring brand recognition that should be a good fit for reboots. Heck, it’s not terribly uncommon to hear a “Go Go Gadget!” joke out and about to this day. 

The Inspector Gadget series is actually an acquisition of a 26-episode Canadian series developed by DHX Media, which features updated gadgets and CGI effects. Netflix will be the exclusive U.S. distributor for the show. The original series debuted in 1983 and was most recently turned into a film starring Matthew Broderick in 1999.

Along with the new-look Inspector Gadget, Netflix has also ordered a new Danger Mouse series based on the British ‘toon about a secret agent mouse. The studio has ordered 26 half-hour episodes that will be co-produced by Fremantle and the BBC. That series will also exclusively debut on Netflix, and if it is anything like the original, should be a blast.

In a chat with USA Today about the expansions to the development slate, Netflix’s VP of global independent Erik Barmack noted that a series like Inspector Gadget (and Danger Mouse by extension) should have the potential to hook a new generation of viewers while also providing something parents won’t mind watching out of nostalgia:

“It’s one of those shows where we’re able to hit a few different audiences. We think that kids are going to love the show … but it’s also going to get some co-viewing because there is a generation of parents who grew up on the original.”

The Inspector Gadget series is set to go live in March, while Danger Mouse will debut in the spring of 2016. Do you plan on checking out these 1980s revivals?

(Via USA Today)