Netflix showrunner to excited Witcher fans: never mind the leaks, the real thing’s even better

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Dec 27, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

The buzz surrounding Netflix’s upcoming series adaptation of The Witcher video game franchise has apparently reached enough of a fever pitch to draw showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich out of the woodwork, just to manage excited fans’ increasingly high expectations. 

Hissrich recently took to Twitter to coyly bat down rumors swirling around a supposed Reddit leak of the show’s casting script — the device used to put auditioning actors through their paces as the show settles on who’ll be playing Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and the rest of the Witcher crew.

Sidestepping a hard denial that the leaks themselves are or aren’t accurate (though she did refer everyone to her earlier statement that fake leaks would eventually come), Hissrich did the smart thing and steered the conversation toward capitalizing on all the hype. If y’all are this excited about a little old leak, she seemed to say, just sit back and wait for what The Witcher is really cooking up:

It’s also put The Witcher, at least for some fans, on the same plane as Star Wars, as YouTube viewers hailing from both fan camps pledge their admiration for this fan-made crossover clip, which reimagines Ciri’s Witcher travels as if they’d happened in the galaxy far, far away.

As Hissrich points out, it’s no bad thing when people are so jacked up about your in-development project that they’re waging fun fan arguments; the kind that gets them all worked up over what kind of prose would or wouldn’t sound right coming from the mouth of Geralt of Rivia. We’re still a long way from The Witcher’s Netflix debut, but that’ll just give even more people time to come into the Witcher universe — even if it gives the show’s creators the unenviable challenge of coming up with a finished product that can measure up to all this monster-hunting hype.