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Netflix teases Season 2 of Punisher after fellow Marvel streaming shows get the axe

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Sep 3, 2019, 6:50 AM EDT (Updated)

It appears that Frank Castle is indeed a survivor. After several Marvel Netflix shows have been given the axe, Marvel’s The Punisher keeps soldiering on, with a second season set to air next year.  

Although a release date has not been announced, a promotional video posted by the streaming giant unveiling its January lineup reveals that Season 2 of The Punisher will be coming soon. 


The promo doesn’t reveal much, apart from the eponymous vigilante antihero (played by Jon Bernthal) looking bruised, sad, tired and angry. (You know, like The Punisher.) 

Following the posting of this video, Bernthal posted this photo on Instagram of him as Castle toting two guns. (You know, like The Punisher.)

Considering other Marvel shows such as Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil (despite apparently being massively popular) have been canned by the network, it’s something of a surprise (to say the least) that The Punisher is getting a sophomore season. (It should also be noted that fellow Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones is also still alive and kicking.) 

Now, considering Netflix ordered a second season of The Punisher a year ago and production was already underway when the Marvel Netflix purge took place, it’s likely that it made more sense to just follow through with airing the series rather than pull the plug on a season of a series that had already been shot. Already, various media outlets are speculating that the upcoming seasons of Punisher and Jessica Jones will be their last.

So, until Netflix and/or Marvel Television breaks the news on a Season 3 (or lack thereof), Punisher fans can enjoy the fact that Frank Castle’s one-man war against organized crime in New York will begin again next year. 

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