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Netflix's new series Haunted tells your true horror stories

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:57 AM EDT (Updated)

Netflix is launching a new horror series just in time for Halloween, but this one carries with it an added dose of reality. 

Haunted, a new series from the executive producers who brought you The Purge and Lore, features a new horror story in each episode, but unlike other horror anthology dramas, this series is inspired by real accounts of the supernatural and bizarre in the lives of real people. In the vein of re-enactment shows you've seen countless times before, first-person accounts will be delivered, and then the production team of Haunted will re-enact those stories. Unlike a lot of those other shows, though, Haunted is trying to dial the horror factor up as high as it possibly can.

Check out the first trailer.

To further drive home the first-person potential of the series, Netflix has also devoted a Reddit thread to drawing the nightmares of real people who submit their stories, with an assortment of professional artists turning in their own interpretations. You should head over there right now if you'd like some pure nightmare fuel of your own today.

And to make things even creepier, Netflix has also released official artist interpretations of the stories from each of Haunted's first six episodes. You can check those out in the gallery below.

Haunted arrives Oct. 19, leaving you plenty of time to binge the whole first season before Halloween.