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Netflix's She-Ra will feature a character that showrunner Noelle Stevenson thought up while playing Dungeons & Dragons

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Aug 19, 2018

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power drops on Netflix this November, and it'll feature a character that showrunner Noelle Stevenson developed while playing Dungeons & Dragons.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Stevenson started playing the tabletop RPG around the same time that she became attached to the upcoming animated series. All that fantasy roleplaying inspired her and filled her with ideas for the show.

“I steal a lot from characters I’ve made from D&D,” Stevenson told the crowd at New York's Flame Con. “I pull so much inspiration from [D&D], because how do you embody these characters? How do you embody it when you have a mission for these characters? And you go and you figure it out from there.”

She described her D&D character as a “Tiefling warlock nightmare baby" who sold her soul to the devil just to piss off her mother. She's also got the ability to teleport, which is known as “Misty Step” within the D&D universe. Stevenson would use this spell to get into tight spaces like keyholes, but would then get immediately attacked, forcing her to realize that she hadn't thought out the scenario fully. Using this teleporting ability and shortsightedness as a starting point, she applied it to a similar character in She-Ra.

“[It's like] when someone who doesn’t have great impulse control is just like, ‘I’m gonna go!’ but then it’s like, ‘Oh no!’” Stevenson said. 

A collaboration between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, Season 1 of She-Ra and the Princess of Power premieres Nov. 16. The titular character, having made her debut in the 1980s, is actually the sister of Prince Adam/He-Man and wields the Sword of Protection.

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