Never give up! Never surrender! Galaxy Quest coming back to life as a comic

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Jun 26, 2015

It’s been almost 15 years since Galaxy Quest stole our hearts and minds with its pitch perfect Star Trek impression and overdubbed F-bomb — and now, the crew is back for more adventures.

Sadly, we’re not getting a sequel, but the property has been picked up by IDW to become a new comic book series dubbed Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues. Writer Erik Burnham and artist Nacno Arranz have been tasked with bringing the rag-tag characters played by Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver to life on the page.

Burnham sounds like a true fan of the material, and chatted with Comic Book Resources about the approach he’ll take to adapting the film for the comic medium. Basically, he hopes to maintain the geek-tastic wit we all love, while picking up a storyline that fits perfectly with the film’s finale:

“Well, at the end of their movie, Tim Allen's character, Jason, used the Omega 13 device to rewind time 13 seconds and undo the catastrophic death of his crew. (Um... sorry for the 15 year-old spoilers!) Messing with time. Maybe that affected more than the ship. If it was more widespread, sure, most folks would just have a powerful case of deja vu. But what if it changed something else? That's what we're starting with. They're the reason a new race -- called the Drythans -- seek them out and say, ‘You screwed something up. Fix it.’

As a joke, I played with the conceit of how many sequels reuse certain beats from their predecessor when I introduce the cast in a similar way to the way they were first introduced in the movie. That one may be too meta to see without being told, but it still makes me chuckle … Everyone from the movie will be back. I was even asked to include Brandon, the role Justin Long played, so we got everyone. There will be a new race of aliens, too.”

We’re huge fans of Galaxy Quest around here, and considering it was voted a better Star Trek film than Into Darkness, we’d think you might agree. Are you glad to hear the adventure will continue?

(Via Comic Book Resources)

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