Never-released Resident Evil game finally leaks out 12 years later

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Jul 4, 2015

Though there have been more than a dozen videogames based on the Resident Evil franchise since it debuted on the original Playstation in 1996, one entry has remained lost to the annals of history as an interesting footnote—until now.

It's taken nearly 12 years, but the long-lost port of the first Resident Evil game for the Game Boy Color has finally made its way out to the masses. What a strange (and legally questionable) journey it's been.

A videogame collector reportedly acquired a near-complete version of the game (how he/she did that is anyone's guess), which was canceled in 2000 by Capcom. At the time, company officials told IGN the port was canned because they "were not confident that the product would have made both consumers and Capcom happy."

But that didn't stop a small, fervent contingent from clamoring for the release, wondering exactly what they were being denied.

Once the collector went public with the fact that the 90-percent-finished versions of the game had leaked, he/she staged an (admittedly shady) fundraiser to allegedly help recoup the cost of getting the two in-progress builds. Once the $2,000 goal was met by the contributions of some extremely hardcore fans, the ROMs were in the wild. The game can be played on most Game Boy Color emulators, which are just a quick Google and install away.

In its near-finished form, most fans say the game is fairly playable. There are still a few glitches here and there, but it seems to be a reasonably faithful adaptation of the Playstation original (or as faithful as the 8-bit Game Boy Color will allow, anyway).

With the pending release of the big-screen Resident Evil: Retribution in September, it's nice to take a stroll down memory lane and remember the quaint, creepy mansion that started it all.

(via Assembler)

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