Nevermind the remake: Sam Raimi is about to write Evil Dead 4!

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Mar 4, 2013, 11:17 AM EST

The question Bruce Campbell has been mocking for most of his career is finally getting an answer.

"When's Evil Dead 4 coming out?" If you've ever been to one of Campbell's Q&As, then you know someone will inevitably ask that question. For a long time, Bruce would answer this question by pausing, smiling and then yelling, "Never!" before letting out a sinister cackle. In the last few years, though, he would focus instead on the possibility of a remake. Though the remake is nearly here, it looks like Evil Dead 4 is still happening.

According to Disney's Twitter account, original Evil Dead writer/director Sam Raimi was asked about the potential sequel and was quoted as saying, "I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer."

We're assuming the brother in question is Ivan Raimi, who has worked with Sam on a number of productions in the past, including Army of Darkness. What we're not assuming (but are desperately hoping for) is that Bruce Campbell will reprise his role as Ash. We can't imagine why else there would be an Evil Dead sequel in addition to a remake. It seems almost exclusively a means to get the original gang back together one last time.

That, at least, is the dream. Make it happen, Sam, and bring Bruce with you. Your fans have been waiting more than 20 years.

(via Bleeding Cool)