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New 2.5 minute Gravity trailer is gonna leave your head spinning

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Sep 5, 2013, 11:44 AM EDT (Updated)

Get ready for the most heart-stopping Gravity trailer yet.

Anticipation continues to build for Alfonso Cuaron's intense and long-awaited new space thriller. The film's now garnering rave reviews in its early screenings, and every single teaser that hits the 'net just leaves us wanting more. Now, with just one month to go until the film's release, we get a look at two and a half minutes of pulse-pounding footage in what Warner Bros. is calling the "main" trailer.

Like much of the footage we've seen so far, this trailer spends much of its time focusing on Sandra Bullock's Dr. Ryan Stone as she spins and flails in space while George Clooney's Matt Kowalsky tries to calm her down and help her get her bearings before she's lost forever. It packs all the visual wizardry and taut suspense we've come to expect from Gravity clips, but with an added focus on the details of Stone's character.

Check out the trailer above and see how long it takes you to calm down again. Gravity is in theaters everywhere Oct. 4.

(Via YouTube)

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