New Alcatraz trailer has us remembering what we loved about Lost

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Dec 15, 2012

It's almost here! J.J. Abrams' newest drama Alcatraz is heading to Fox. The show is part Lost, part X-Files and a slice of Fringe all rolled into one. The network has just released a new trailer for the series premiere, and it looks awesome.

Similar to Fringe and Alias, Alcatraz centers on a strong female character who works for the government. Her name is Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones), she's a homicide detective, and she's landed a strange murder case. The prime suspect in her investigation is former Alcatraz inmate Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce), who died decades ago! Can you smell the time travel in the air?

Madsen seeks help from Alcatraz specialist Diego Soto (Lost's Jorge Garcia), who's got the inside scoop on the famous prison. With him on her side, she should be able to solve this case in no time, right? Wrong! The show needs a foil, and we think that role could easily go to Mr. Sam Neill. The actor plays a high-powered government agent who tries to block Madsen's investigation at every turn. He doesn't appear to be an outward threat, but he knows a lot more than he's letting on. He's like the male version of Nina Sharp from Fringe.

Alcatraz is one of our most anticipated shows of the midseason. There's murder, time travel, killer ghosts, conspiracies, and did we mention Damien/Dr. Grant/Sam Neill is on this show?

Check out the latest trailer for Alcatraz below.

Alcatraz premieres in January on Fox.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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