New Amityville pic to screen real found footage from original haunting

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Jun 19, 2020, 11:50 AM EDT (Updated)

The original horror house showcased in The Amityville Horror has spawned a ton of sequels and scared folks for generations—and now there's yet another installment in the works. The kicker? Apparently, this one will feature real footage from a local investigation into the Long Island home back in the 1970s.

Producer Tony DeRosa-Grund has acquired the rights to some footage connected to the 1977 investigation by two local reporters into the haunted house. Reporters Laura DiDio and Marvin Scott investigated the incidents for New York's WNEW-TV, and alleged held a séance at the house as part of a news report that revealed a ghostly boy in the home.

The footage was presumed lost years ago, though the original news report and some additional B-roll was later found after the news station moved to an updated studio.

No one really knows what the actual movie will be at this point, but The Hollywood Reporter says it will likely be a traditional film, following the tale of the two reporters' experience at the house. As for the footage? It will likely pop up as part of an intro/credits sequence.

"They discerned certain things during the sequence, which heretofore had not been corroborated," DeRosa-Grund said. "With a lot of help from Laura and from the Catholic Church, we've been able to get confirmations and connective tissues, in terms of the evil and the origins of evil in the house that was there before the Lutzes (the family featured in the book and initial movie) moved in."
What do you think about the concept? Is Amityville played out, or do you think this could be a new spin on the old story?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)