New and old clones are face to face in first look, new intel on Orphan Black S3

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Dec 17, 2014, 3:08 PM EST (Updated)

The twisty clone drama Orphan Black introduced a seismic shift to its plot in the season-two finale, and one of the first pics from year three offers up a major payoff to that twist.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted a new pic from the BBC America sci-fi series, showing Tatiana Maslany’s Sarah Manning having a legit face-to-face with one of the new male Project Castor clones played by Ari Millen. Worlds collide, literally.

The series’ co-creator Graeme Manson offered up some intel on the image, along with what we can expect from the new season. First up, it seems the new season will pick up almost immediately after the season-two finale, so don’t worry about a wacky time jump. Manson also confirmed there will be "a few" Castor clones, though they’re in no hurry to introduce any "redshirts." Not surprisingly, he was cagey on the odds of a new Maslany clone.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below in which he opens up about how the new clones will affect the relationship between all the various Maslanays, and how it’ll change the flow of the series:

“Are these guys going to break the bonds of our sisters? Because this does remain Sarah Manning and her sisters—this does remain their story. So is the threat that these guys pose—will it bring them together or will it break the bonds? They are definite pressure, and within the season again, Sarah is the lynchpin. So whatever more she understands about these Castor boys, she understands more about herself and her sisters and their origin story…

We want that audience to be taking that journey with Sarah, throughout the whole series. She’s going to be leading her sisters and protecting her family. And that’s the drive. She’s the one that the audience roots for, so when these guys show up, it’s fantastic that we’ve got this new diverse villain in the form of clones—villains or whatever they may turn out to be. Because now we get to exercise with Ari Millen, who is doing a fantastic job with these guys. But it’s always been important to us and it’s always been [co-creator] John [Fawcett] and my focus that this is a story about Sarah tracking down her own story.”

Orphan Black season three is set to air in spring of 2015. Do you like the direction they’re headed?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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