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New Arrow promo teases the truth of why you're really watching

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Oct 3, 2013, 5:59 PM EDT

We’ve all thought it at one point, but now The CW has made a new Arrow trailer revealing why fans really watch the show. Hint: the abs.

With the hit superhero series set to return next week, the advertising team at the network has decided to double down on star Stephen Amell’s most notable feature — his badass muscles, which the producers show off just about every episode. Specifically, those ripped abs.

It’s a funny little trailer, and takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to all those shirtless shots the directors have managed to squeeze in across the first season. Who could blame 'em? The dude’s a brick house, so they might as well use it to their advantage.

We also get some glimpses of new footage, including a peek at the new and improved Arrow lair. There’s also a snippet of a scene that should be welcome to a certain subset of 'shippers, as well.

The second season premieres Oct. 9. 

(Via Zap2It)