New artwork: Batman v The Shadow in murder mystery crossover series

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Jan 24, 2017, 2:30 PM EST

Created in the early 1930s (1930 to be exact), pulp hero The Shadow was one of the inspirations behind Bob Kane and Bill Finger's Batman (1939). The two characters crossed over in two issues of Batman's monthly comic book title in 1973 and '74, and now, as we reported last week, the World's Greatest Mystery and the World’s Greatest Detective are about to cross paths again in a new limited series. 

Batman/The Shadow sees the Dark Knight investigating the murder of a Gotham City denizen ... and it's not long before he's on the trail of a certain Lamont Cranston, who becomes the prime suspect. Problem is, Cranston is a man who seems to have been dead for half a century ... also, what Batman doesn’t know (yet) is that Lamont Cranston is actually The Shadow. 

It’s pretty clear from the panels below that the two heroes will come to blows during Batman’s investigation. Here's what Steve Orlando said in an official statement:

"To bring together the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Greatest Mystery is an honor. Batman/The Shadow will pay tribute to legacies in comics and pulp fiction, as the two characters meet in a generations-deep conflict unlike any they’ve seen before, with a case that stretches back to the origins of time and which will redefine murder."

"Redefine murder"? Now we're definitely curious ... 

Batman/The Shadow #1, penned by Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando with art by Riley Rossmo, will be released in comic book stores and digitally on April 26. Check out the artwork below and let us know if you'll be picking this one up.

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