New Attack on Titan video game unleashes a first action-packed announcement trailer

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Apr 8, 2016, 5:41 PM EDT

KOEI Tecmo America has unleashed an announcement trailer for a new Attack on Titan video game, based on the hit anime series of the same name. The game has already been released in Japan but will be made available in North America on Aug. 30.

Attack on Titan will be available on various gaming consoles including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as a digital-only release for the PS3, PlayStation Vita and PC via Steam. Here’s an official description of the game:

Attack on Titan closely follows the riveting storyline of the animes first season and focuses on the exploits of various key characters, putting the player in a position to relive its most shocking, courageous and exhilarating moments. It revolves around the story of three young people who survive the destruction of their walled city district by enormous, man-eating Titans and eventually go on to join the Scout Regiment in order to protect humanity from this overpowering foe.

KOEI says more info concerning the game’s plot, original content and playable characters will be released in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s also expected that the video game will be rated M for Mature. Check out the exciting trailer below, and be sure to stick around until the very end for an extra scene.


Wow, just WOW! This looks totally UH-MAZING and a lot of bloody good fun to boot! Who knew kicking some man-eating Titans' behinds could look (and feel) so exhilarating? I also happen to dig the video game's visual style A LOT and I think Attack on Titan may've just landed on my to-buy list. Yep! It did. What about you?

(Via KOEI Tecmo)