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Six new Black Mirror featurettes offer behind-the-scenes perspective of Season 4

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Jan 15, 2018, 10:14 PM EST (Updated)

The newest season of Black Mirror has been available for just a couple of weeks now, but already it's been dissected, absorbed, mulled over, and written about by a wide-ranging audience. Now, Netflix is giving curious audiences some brief behind-the-scenes looks into the six new episodes that make up Season 4, with inside insights from series creator Charlie Brooker, executive producer Annabel Jones, and some of the anthology series' stars, too.

From "USS Callister" to "Black Museum" (which is filled nearly to bursting with Easter eggs from the entire season, as well as the entire history of the series), check out the featurettes below, along with what we found most interesting about each.

USS Callister

At times, "USS Callister" may seem to poke fun at the classic era of Star Trek, but according to Brooker, any homages to the original sci-fi series were intended as a loving tribute.


"Arkangel," which lead Rosemarie DeWitt sums up as being about "Black Hawk helicopter parenting," features an appearance by the episode's director, Jodie Foster.


According to Brooker, "Crocodile" is about a cat-and-mouse game where neither the cat nor the mouse are fully aware of each other. To add to the general feeling of isolation experienced by main character Mia, the producers decided to set the episode in Iceland.

Hang the DJ

"What if there was a service that was a bit like Spotify for dates?" That's Brooker's summary pitch for the episode "Hang the DJ," about a dating app that adapts to your romantic experiences and creates an algorithm for your potential ultimate match.


"Visceral and unrelenting" is how Brooker describes "Metalhead," the episode that primarily follows Bella (Maxine Peake) as she struggles for survival in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by deadly robotic dogs.

Black Museum

"Black Museum" was a walk down Memory Lane for Brooker and Jones, as the titular funhouse of horrors features relics from previous Black Mirror episodes, creating a sort of shared Black Mirror universe.  

Did you have any particularly favorite Black Mirror episodes this season? Let us know in the comments!