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Apr 9, 2006


If you're reading this, and you've been here before, you may notice the layout (called a "theme" in the blogosphere) has changed. This is Step 2 of an as-yet-undetermined-number-of-steps process to redesign the blog and, eventually, the main site. Step 1 was upgrading to the current version of WordPress, the blog software. Step 3 will be... a surprise. I have more coming, too.

Please let me know in the comments what you think, and especially if you find any layout errors or troubles. I have tested this with Firefox and (shudder) IE and found nothing obvious. Also, any suggestions for added features? Is there a menu rollover button under the logo I should add?

This theme is called daisyraegemini, and was written by (seriously) GeeksMakeMeHot, and then redesigned by I liked the layout, but there were some coding errors, and quite a few things I thought could use improvement for my needs. I am not a CSS kinda guy, though I do have some coding experience, so I was able to puzzle out what I needed.

I'll probably make some changes to it eventually, but I want to wear this version for a while and see how it fits.'

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