New clip from French series Missions looks like a must watch for sci-fi horror fans

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:59 AM EDT (Updated)

The 2012 film Prometheus was epically flawed, mostly due to the ridiculous crew who were aboard the Prometheus. A geologist who gets lost. A biologist who pets an alien life form. A mission leader with nothing but contempt for people. Missions, the 10-part French series that’s just been released on horror streaming service Shudder, looks like it identifies the problem that sank Prometheus: group dynamics.

The footage focuses on a psychologist who gives her professional and personal assessment of the people around her. There’s one case of depression, one potential case of psychosis, and a breakdown in the chain of command.

Note that the psychologist identifies the problems with the crew. She doesn’t actually solve them. And therein lies our future character concerns.

Even better is the synopsis. According to Mashable:

"With the funding of an eccentric billionaire, the crew of a manned craft aims to be the first to land on Mars. Much to the dismay of all on board however, just before the culmination of their 10-month journey to the Red Planet, they are made aware of a video sent by a rival ship that has overtaken them and already landed on the planet thanks to a revolutionary engine. The bad news doesn’t end there however, as the tape contains a cryptic warning from the Americans pleading with the crew not to land as something far too dangerous is happening on the surface. After a chaotic landing on Mars, the crew finds a survivor — but he’s not from their rival mission. His name is Vladimir Komarov. He is Russian. And he is the first man who died in space…in 1967."

A mind-melting plot that takes physics and psychology into consideration and is aired on a horror service? We’re not just intrigued. We’re putting Missions on our must-watch list.

(Via Mashable)