New comic-styled video game Spider-Man Unlimited: The Spidey-Verse hits today

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Dec 11, 2014, 12:31 PM EST (Updated)

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting our Spider-Man jones filled in an upcoming Marvel movie anytime soon, we’ll have to make do with this intriguing new videogame featuring the wall-crawler(s).

Dubbed Spider-Man Unlimited: The Spidey-Verse, the new mobile game brings in Spider-Men from across the various Marvel canons to battle a common foe. The game actually ties in to the ongoing Spider-Verse comic storyline, and is stylized with a comic look that seems to be a nice approach for the genre.

Seasoned comic writer Dan Slott, who is currently penning the Amazing Spider-Man run, helped put the story together for the game to ensure it was accurate and matched up with what fans expect coming in to a Spider-Man game. The plot features different Spider-Men from various realities teaming up to take on the new vampire-like baddie Morlun.

The game hits iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone platforms today. To get a taste of how it works, check out the first full trailer below and let us know what you think:

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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