New company aims to create the satellite infrastructure for private space race

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Jul 29, 2016, 2:35 PM EDT (Updated)

Humanity still has a lot of legwork to do before we can start kicking around the solar system, and one problem we’re looking to solve is actually getting the infrastructure up there to support all those eventual spacecraft. Well, Audacy is looking to solve that problem.

The company is raising money to provide the communications capacity required for the burgeoning private space industry. The California-based company is working to raise $15 million to start building three satellites and two Earth-based stations. The entire project will cost $750 million, with $250 being raised and another $500 million more in government-backed debt.

Once it’s eventually completed, Space reports the proposed satellites could support approximately 2,000 tiny CubeSat satellites working simultaneously to provide communication infrastructure. The bandwidth could potentially support 12 high-capacity users or around 1,000 smaller ones that could split up the new bandwidth. The tech could help space firms better track their crafts and rockets, along with satellites. 

 The company hopes to have a large enough customer base to break even in 2023, and possibly turn a profit in the years after that.

(Via Space)

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