New Dawn of Justice set photos hint we'll see the death of the Waynes. Again.

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Nov 12, 2014

One of the most iconic and oft-repeated moments in the life of Bruce Wayne seems set to make yet another big-screen appearance.

The death of the Batman's parents at the hands of a mugger (sometimes random, sometimes not-so-random) is one of the defining moments in Bruce Wayne's journey to vigilante heroism, if not the defining moment. It's the moment when his life falls apart and he begins his journey not just to piece it back together but to transform it into a quest forever to fight the forces that robbed him of his mother and father. As such, Thomas and Martha Wayne's death scene is one of the most revisited moments in all of superhero comics. It's been drawn by countless artists, been given countless retellings and appeared in countless panels (well, we could count them, but it would take quite a while at this point).

On film, the moment has also been revisited several times. Both Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan filmed the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne as part of their initial Batman films, and just months ago we saw a new version of the scene play out in the opening minutes of the Fox series Gotham. If you're a Batman fan, you might be sick of seeing it by now, but the death of the Waynes seems set to make at least one more big-screen appearance in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Check out two photos that emerged from the film's set this week. 

Comic fans know that The Mark of Zorro has often been depicted as the film Bruce and his parents were walking out of when the mugger approached them, so on the surface that would seem to be a clear indicator that the scene is happening. The classic cars waiting on a truck bed also indicate a flashback, though there are some mixed signals here. The classic cars seem like they'd fit in with a scene shot at least five decades ago, but why have the "Hollywood Classic" and "In 35 MM" notations on the marquee if that's the case? Then again, maybe we're looking at setups for two different scenes and Bruce is going to see a Mark of Zorro revival just to remember his parents.

Whatever the case, something involving Thomas and Martha Wayne and their untimely end looks to be going on here, and while it's only fair for Snyder to get his own crack at this iconic moment, you have to wonder if it's really necessary. I mean, consider how many people watched Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, or Batman: The Animated Series, for that matter. Think about just how popular this guy is. How many people really don't know that this is part of his origin by now? Maybe I'm overthinking it, but hey, I've seen the Waynes' deaths so many times already, what's one more?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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