New details on PlayStation's comic-based superhero cop series Powers

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Jun 10, 2014, 2:21 PM EDT (Updated)

The biggest videogame event of the year is underway in E3, but the massive trade show is also bringing some big news on the TV front. The latest? That long-gestating Powers series.

Based on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic of the same name, Powers follows the cops tasked with keeping the peace and picking up the pieces in a world filled with superheroes. It’s a fascinating premise, and the project kicked around in development at FX for years until it finally landed at Sony as a PlayStation Plus exclusive.

Word broke a while back that the series was in development at Sony, but E3 finally brought the details. The series will debut in December, and every PlayStation Network customer will have access to the pilot episode free of charge. But PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to the entire series.

While at FX, the network could never strike the right balance to give Powers a pickup, but now the folks at Playstation believe they’ve found the magic formula with a “premium cable quality” approach to a 10-episode order. The comic is stellar, and if they can keep it close to the canon, this could be one heck of a cool show. We can’t wait to get a look at the pilot.

Also of note: Sony teased plans for a Playstation Network film based on the popular videogame property Ratchet & Clank coming in 2015. So, yeah, just an FYI there.

Do you think Sony’s new PlayStation-led initiative into television can be a success? Would you subscribe to check out Powers?

(Via The Verge)