New details + stories revealed for fall's Star Wars: Rise Of The Empire anthology

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Aug 11, 2015

With just four months remaining until the world rockets back to a galaxy far, far away with J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the marketing buildup across multiple product platforms is heating up.   Besides a coming cluster of Star Wars young adult books, a trilogy of adult novels bridging the chasm between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and a post-Jedi comic-book title, Star Wars: Shattered Empire, another key component of the countdown is Del Rey's Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire, an intriguing anthology combining two previously-published Star Wars novels with three original short stories set within the new official canon.

Rise Of The Empire packages James Luceno's Star Wars: Tarkin and John Jackson Miller's Star Wars: A New Dawn, both published in 2014, and serves them up with a trio of new stories centered aound Star Wars Rebels' Hela Syndulla, Grand Moff Tarkin and an Imperial commander during the Battle of Endor. 

Here are the plot details on this thrilling threesome :

MERCY MISSION by Melissa Scott

Years before she led the crew of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla was a young pilot looking to make a difference in the galaxy. Hera sets out with Goll — a close ally of her father, Cham Syndulla — on a dangerous mission to help the citizens of her homeworld, Ryloth, now languishing under the might of the Empire.

BOTTLENECK by John Jackson Miller

When Grand Moff Tarkin is tasked by Emperor Palpatine to investigate a dispute slowing Imperial production on a backwater planet, he expects an easy mission. Instead, Tarkin must forge a tense alliance with Count Vidian, the Empire’s newest rising star and a most capable rival. Matching wits and risking betrayal at every turn, the two powerful Imperials duel to gain the upper hand…and elude, at all costs, the price of failure.


As Imperial and Rebel forces clash on and above the Forest Moon of Endor, Admiral Rae Sloane commands from the bridge of the Star Destroyer Vigilance. At a time where the stakes could not be higher, Sloane works to protect the Death Star and ensure Imperial victory, all too aware of the uncertain future for the Empire that may lie in the aftermath of the battle.

Star Wars: The Rise Of The Empire launches on October 6, 2015.   Will you pick up this upcoming anthology when it strike this fall?

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