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New Doctor Who photos reveal true beauty of Jodie Whittaker's redesigned TARDIS

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Oct 16, 2018, 8:10 PM EDT

Season 11 of Doctor Who is finally underway, and firing on all cylinders. Jodie Whittaker is killing it as the 13th Doctor, and the second episode of the season, "The Ghost Monument," only solidified the promise of the premiere. We're also getting to know our new companions, Ryan, Yas, and Graham, and we're liking them more and more too. 

For all of the new introductions in the premiere episode, there was one critical character missing: the TARDIS (aka the Doctor's space/time ship, "Time And Relative Dimension In Space," Sexy, the Doctor's Wife, etc.) was not seen in the episode. A new Doctor usually means a redesign of the TARDIS interior, so it was really the only thing missing from an otherwise wonderful premiere. 

**SPOILER WARNING: There will be minor spoilers ahead for the second episode of Doctor Who Season 11. If you are not caught up and don't want to know a thing, then hit your vortex manipulator and get out of here. Cheap and nasty time travel!**

Doctor Who's second episode wastes no time in letting us know that the "Ghost Monument" of it's title actually is the Doctor's beloved TARDIS, which the 13th Doctor is desperately trying to get back to. The group has to use their brains (not bullets) to travel across an alien wasteland to get to it, but eventually they do. Once they arrived, we finally got to see what the new interior looks like — just like both episodes of this season so far, it's both different and familiar at the same time. 

BBC America has released a bunch of lovely photos of the new interior for our viewing pleasure, so let's run through them all, shall we? Let's get our shift on. 

First off, take a look at this video overview that gives a broad sense of the new design. It kind of looks like Doctor 9 and 10's TARDIS, especially with the overarching pillars. The crystal-centric vibe is new, however, and resembles the crystal that is at the heart of 13's new sonic screwdriver. 

Going a bit more in depth, we can see in this first photo the recurring fractal pattern that can be seen all over the new console room. We can also see the "I don't quite believe it" look on Whittaker's face, which is priceless. 


Credit: BBC America

If you are really into this pattern, that's a good thing — there's plenty more of it. Here's a closer look at the entry door, free from some of the smoke and lit a bit more brightly. They make us think of the "round things" from the classic TARDIS, as well as the gears of a watch. 


Credit: BBC America

A TARDIS is nothing without a console, however, and as stated in the video above, Whittaker has been given one free of any keyboards. It's a highly physical control mechanism, with all of the levers and dials that one could possible wish for. It looks both old and new at the same time, something that the 11th Doctor once remarked on in the episode "The Big Bang." 


Courtesy of BBC America

There isn't a ton of Gallifrey-style writing in these photos, but worry not — it's there. The room isn't positively dripping with it like the previous TARDIS was, but the following photo proves that the writing of the Time Lords is still present in the new design. We're not sure where in the room this is, but we look forward to trying to spot it. 


Courtesy of BBC America

One of our favorite details received a full-on closeup in the episode, but we're going to show the image anyway. With a ship as sophisticated as this one, we love that an old fashioned hourglass is still a part of it, and potentially quite useful. It makes us think of 12's chalkboards or 4's coat rack — it might be a bit of an antique, but that's why it fits in so well. It sits next to what we're assuming is an old-style microphone, so here's hoping that the Doctor gets to use that at some point soon. 


Courtesy of BBC America

Not only does this TARDIS interior come complete with a custard creme dispenser (as shown in the video above), but it also includes a little spinning replica of... itself. We don't know what this mini-TARDIS does exactly, but it really adds to the whimsy of the place. Between this, the dispenser, and the hourglass, we're reminded of 11's first TARDIS: a wacky (almost steampunk) madman's workshop. Whatever this does, we're here for it... even if it just spins and looks cool. 


Courtesy of BBC America

We really can't wait to see this "sexy" ship in action. Though it'll take a little getting used to (they always do), we're ready for the ride. Nothing gets us more excited for this new TARDIS than the reaction from Whittaker's 13 — not only is she so very happy to see it again (even from the also slightly redesigned exterior), she does something that none of the other Doctors have ever done. 

Whenever a TARDIS interior is redesigned and another Doctor sees it, it's become common practice for them to say "You're redecorated! I don't like it." Whittaker proves just how kind and full of joyous light her 13th Doctor is — her version of the line ends up being, "Oh, you've redecorated...I really like it." 

We're still getting used to it, but we're pretty sure that we do too. 

(Via BBC America)