A new enemy surfaces in first explosive trailer for The Last Ship Season 2

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Apr 8, 2015, 5:40 PM EDT (Updated)

By the time the screen went black on season one, TNT’s The Last Ship had evolved into one heck of a fun action series last summer. Now here’s our first look at year two.

Produced by Michael Bay, the sci-fi-tinged series features as many explosions as you’d have probably guessed — but it’s also evolved into an intriguing “What If?” story about a plague that wipes out a massive chunk of humanity and the mission of a lone Navy ship tasked with curing it. You know, with rogue nukes and deliciously evil Russian baddies to spare, of course.

Along with debuting the first trailer for season two, the cast and crew were on hand at the recent WonderCon event to tease what’s coming. With the cure developed by the end of season one, the producers say year two will focus on efforts to produce and disseminate the cure. Considering how some people are using the plague as a tool for genocide, that’s probably more easily said than done. There also seems to be a brand-new baddie in the mix.

As expected, the second season will also address the lingering cliffhanger of the ship being taken over by hostile forces, and the cast and crew teased that familiarity with the ship could play a key role in getting control back to the good guys. After that, we can expect to see more of the fractured United States post-plague and ongoing efforts to restore it.

The first season did a stellar job of laying the foundation for a fun world, and it sounds like the 13 episodes of season two should give us ample time to play in it.

The Last Ship returns Sunday, June 21, with a two-hour premiere. Will you be watching?

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