New Fantastic 4 featurette digs into the real science behind alternate realities

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Jul 29, 2015

Josh Trank’s Fantastic 4 reboot puts a different spin on the classic origin, so the studio has put together a fascinating new promo to break down the real science behind what causes those superpowers.

Instead of recycling the same footage we’ve already seen in the first few trailers, this new clip features an interview with real-life theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku , who breaks down the quick and dirty take on different quantum frequencies and the science behind alternate reality theories. It’s a nice change of pace for the film’s promotional approach, and seems like a good fit for the Ultimate-inspired version of the story Trank is telling.

We’re still anxious to finally get a look at this movie. Negative buzz or not, this could be the version of Marvel’s First Family that eventually crosses over with the X-Men, and we really hope it’s not terrible. If nothing else, they’re mixing things up a bit with the promo effort.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think:


Fantastic Four opens August 7.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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