New footage and characters fill the latest mysterious Twin Peaks teaser

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May 14, 2017, 2:43 PM EDT (Updated)

Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch promised months ago that there would be no real plot details revealed ahead of the show's revival season, and Showtime seemed to back him up on that. Still, as a trickle of extremely vague teasers made their way into the world, many fans held out hope that a proper trailer would actually arrive at some point. Well, it's probably time to abandon all hope of that.

We're about 10 days out from Peaks' return, and we're still getting nothing but vague teasers, only now they're also being slowly infused with new things that only confuse us more because we have no frame of reference for them. In that respect, the latest teaser is the most confounding of all. Check it out:

As with the last teaser, there are lots of familiar faces and locales here, including Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) driving, Shelly Johnson (Madchen Amick) having a girls' night at the old Bang Bang Bar, Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) manning the desk at the sheriff's department like she never left (and maybe she didn't), and more. The most exciting and bittersweet moment in the entire trailer is a familiar pairing: FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (Lynch himself) and Agent Albert Rosenfield, played by the late, great Miguel Ferrer. Albert is one of the most fascinating characters the show ever created, and this is among Ferrer's final acting work. It'll be a little sad to watch.

Then there are the new faces, and I must admit that I recognize only one of them: Madeline Zima. We get no names for any of them, no context for their appearances, and only a couple of vague lines of dialogue to tell us anything about them. For all we know, these characters could show up in only one scene, or they could span the whole season. Apart from our collective awareness that the new cast is massive and mysterious, we know virtually nothing.

And you know what? That's a good thing. We will very likely get no more details about any of these new faces before the show premieres, nor should we expect them. We shouldn't expect them because Lynch has fully committed to secrecy (Showtime is not even releasing screeners to the press, and believe me, I asked), but we also shouldn't want them. Oh, I know we do. We can't help it, but so much of the very soul of this show is in the discovery. Lynch didn't know who would play BOB until he famously saw Frank Silva crouched behind a piece of furniture, just by happenstance. He didn't know Gordon Cooper would meet The Man From Another Place until it just came to him in a flash of epiphany. This series, and the aura of mystery that surrounds it, is as driven by instinct and chance as anything else. So a character you meet for a second can be just as important as one you've known for an hour, and a face without a name can be just as important as a face with a full character biography. So yes, this is in many ways the most frustrating Twin Peaks teaser yet, but lean into that. It might end up being worth it.

Twin Peaks returns May 21 on Showtime.