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New Game of Thrones teaser ramps up the excitement with both fire and ice

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Dec 6, 2018

Get your scheming shoes on, Game of Thrones fans. Winter may be here, but the final season of the epic HBO series is still coming. Today we have a little teaser video that will burn you like fire and freeze you like ice... almost like a song, you might say.

HBO released the new tease at the São Paulo Expo in Brazil for the Comic Con Experience. It doesn't contain any new footage, so those looking to avoid spoilers don't have anything to worry about. It does, however, remind you that the show is coming, that it's coming fast, and that it's coming to lay waste to any and all in its path.

Take a look at the new tease here:

Based on the "painted table" map of Westeros that sits in the plotting chamber of Dragonstone, the tease manages to create a palpable sense of excitement while not showing any actual characters. We see dragons being victims of ice (no more of that, we beg you) and proud Lannister lions being burned by fire. The battle lines are set, and the board is ready. The pieces are almost ready to move.

While the secrets of the final season are being fiercely guarded by dragons and white walkers, we've recently gotten some interesting clues based on scripts from the previous seven seasons, as well as news about a reunion special that will prove to be a little expensive for most fans to see. Rumors about the spin-off shows are still going strong, with current cast members being asked about them left and right. Aside from all of that, did the fearsome Night King himself just drop a huge spoiler?

This particular song of ice and fire is about to unleash its final killer verse. Game of Thrones returns in April of 2019, by the power of the old gods and the new.

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