New Game of Thrones video intrigues with the smallest details

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Mar 8, 2013, 11:38 AM EST

HBO has released its newest Making Of Game Of Thrones Season 3 video blog, titled “Down To The Smallest Detail.”

This time around, it’s propmaster Gordon Fitzgerald's turn to speak, and he's taking us behind the scenes of the highly anticipated upcoming third season of Game of Thrones to look at, well, stuff. Loads and loads of cool, interesting stuff.

This newest video is great because it’s showing us many precious details we’d probably miss upon viewing an episode. We find it fascinating to see how many tiny details can go into a TV series such as Game of Thrones - which has its own very intricate world - that we’d never get to see otherwise.

So what’s up for this year? Well, we have bigger cages for bigger dragons, props, weapons, boats, books, and pigs amongst many, many fascinating things. The amazing artwork for those books alone is completely staggering.

Bonus! Tyrion (the great Peter Dinklage) gets a line,. which is always awesome, in our book - pun intended.

Have a look:

How do you like the smallest details on Game of Thrones?

The hit HBO fantasy series returns March 31.

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